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Thoroughly deal with HITTING, KICKING AND BITING with these social stories.

This combo addresses the "aggressiveness" on a different level - on a level of understanding and compassion. 

It focuses on what the child CAN do with their body which makes it EASY to catch them being well mannered with their body and to alert them to the fact they are using their body correctly.


This series troubleshoots with the child, and contains checklists and a lot of wording around how to use their body that can be minced at home or in the classroom - making catching them behaving well, easy! 




Ideal for children who:


 Misunderstand social cues


Don't understand how to initiate play with others


Who lash out when things go wrong


The stories you will read to your child are created in such a way that is simple, engaging and achievable with the support that you can do simply and easily in the context of the story.


This will help your child associate instructions with their body making safe learning environments for all behavioural and educational outcomes to be achieved.