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Our simple, yet profoundly effective visual stories are anchored in the gentle parenting philosophy, utilizing positive and uplifting language to empower children on the spectrum. As these stories have flourished, they’ve found their way into the hands of families and professionals across the globe, each one nurtured with the same attentive care.

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4 years of creating visual stories for the black and white thinkers.

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Meet the Creators

Emma Fisher
Owner & Creator

Emma, a dedicated mother of five and passionate gardener, has been cultivating a unique approach to communication for children on the autism spectrum for over four years. Motivated by her personal experiences with her daughter, who has ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities, Emma transformed her concerns about traditional social stories into an opportunity to sow the seeds of a more inclusive and compassionate approach.

As an author, Emma's love for her family and dedication to creating a more inclusive world shines through each carefully crafted story, offering both solace and support to those navigating the journey of neurodiverse parenting.​

Mark MacKay

Meet Mark, a talented illustrator with over 30 years of experience in animation and gaming. From a young age, Mark discovered his passion for drawing, and he's been honing his skills ever since. When the opportunity arose to create illustrations for children with autism, Mark embraced it wholeheartedly.

Recognizing the power that visuals have in transforming lives, he's dedicated himself to crafting images that educate and inspire. By tackling challenging subjects and weaving them into captivating stories, Mark strives to bring clarity and understanding to those who need it most.

With a wealth of experience and a distinctive style, he's perfectly poised to translate complex ideas into relatable and engaging artwork. Mark is on a mission to empower young minds through images that speak volumes, one illustration at a time.

Helping over 500 children with autism learn everyday concepts easily.

Dedication and Thanks!

To my five wonderful children, each of you a unique and precious gift in my life. You have all taught me so much about love, resilience, and the power of individuality. A special thank you to my daughter, Ruby, whose energy, enthusiasm, and genuine spirit sparked the creation of these stories. May these stories serve as a reminder of the strength and compassion that lies within neurodiversity, and may each of you continue to shine your own light on the world. This book is dedicated to all of you, with love and gratitude.”

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who have played an instrumental role in helping this project grow and flourish.

To Vicki Arsenault, thank you for being the first to believe in me and my work, for watering the seeds of my confidence and nurturing my potential before I even recognized it.

To Mark MacKay, my incredible illustrator and partner in this journey, thank you for your boundless encouragement, vision, and support. Your talents and dedication have helped our collaboration blossom into something truly beautiful.

To my parents, who have always been there to lift me up and lend a supportive hand as I navigated this journey—much like a trellis that helps a climbing vine reach new heights—thank you for your unwavering love and guidance.

And to my close friends, churchmates, and the members of the Women’s Coffee Circle, thank you for providing the rich soil of encouragement and inspiration that has allowed my work to take root and thrive.

The Mission

At ASD Books, our mission is to provide individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and professionals with the information and resources they need to better understand and support their children and students on the spectrum. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable resources and building a supportive community around these families.

ASD Books

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