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Benny has trouble concentrating and likes lots of support and loves his scooter.

Riley loves scooting around in his wheelchair and loves playing basketball.

Rosie wears a hearing aid and loves making with clay.

Tammy has CP and needs some orthotics to help her walk. She loves chocolate.

The Author, Emma:

Emma is a mum to 5 wonderful children who are full of charisma. Her second eldest has ASD & ADHD, while her second youngest has CP. Emma has been a passionate advocate for her children for the past 7 years.


The Illustrator:

Mark has been drawing since he was a child and has been professionally illustrating for 30 years. After working in the animation and gaming industry, Mark wanted to create art for educational purposes.

Our Goals:

To help children with additional needs grasp BIG concepts with ease and certainty in a concrete way to increase emotional regulation, friendships, ability to cope in life & safety.

managing conflict

gentle feet

my gentle body

animal safety

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