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FOCUS: A range of “behavioral issues” can be addressed if the child wants attention but doesn’t know how to ask appropriately for it.

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Craving attention is part of being young, but lashing out, snatching, or other things that appear to be behavioral issues can be a lack of knowing how to gain attention appropriately. This social story offers better ways to get that desired attention. Instead of grabbing, shouting over people, or doing things deemed “silly”, it models patiently waiting your turn to speak, asking politely, and a social script to model to the child what an appropriate way to ask for attention is. The story reassures every child deserves attention and then provides simple phrases to elicit positive reactions. A printable checklist reminds kids of respectful attention-getting tactics discussed. Guiding social-emotional growth takes compassion – this book gives children the tools to build confidence in gaining attention the right way.

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