Gentle Feet

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Focus: How to use feet appropriately – No Kicking Alternative Story

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Gentle Feet was inspired because I read the social story from my daughter’s school one day. No wonder she was kicking others, it wasn’t, to her, about hurting or being angry like the book described, to Ruby it was about getting attention, and the book showed her that she could get lots of adult attention by kicking!

The uplifting story allows feet to learn at their own pace, praising progress as greater foot awareness unfolds. Guiding, not mandating, Gentle Feet transforms understanding of social situations into teachable moments full of growth.

Gentle Feet tells kids HOW to use their feet positively, and how to respect others’ bodies and space and speaks directly to kids and tells them what to do instead of what not to do.

For use by parents, therapists, and teachers working with those who would benefit from kind, clear direction regarding the appropriate use of feet in social contexts. The story takes an encouraging tone, so characters model and describe examples through simple language and imagery designed specifically to appeal to visual, pattern-based processing styles.

It is my goal this story helps instill the intrinsic reward of both self and group sensitivity. By guiding positive foot behaviors, I hope children further build key social capacities that allow their gifts to shine most vibrantly. Both understanding and opportunity remain at the heart of each step forward.

Ideal for parents, therapists, and teachers seeking to reinforce thoughtful foot behaviors and self-regulation through developmentally appropriate methods, Gentle Feet takes an insightful stride forward with every gentle step.

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