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MANAGING: and Identifying Emotions

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Identifying emotions can be extremely difficult for children with autism, ADHD, or delays. This visual card set builds emotional intelligence through relatable pictures and scripting examples.

  • Cards use engaging illustrations to convey intricate feelings from jealousy to curiosity that kids can recognize before labeling emotions themselves
  • Scripts model simple “go-to phrases” children can say aloud when experiencing big sensations they haven’t learned to verbalize alone yet
  • Ideal way for pre-schoolers, toddlers or kids struggling with verbalizing inner states to start decoding and expressing their intricate emotions appropriately

Great for parents, teachers, and therapists seeking tools to nurture self-awareness for better behavior and interpersonal skills. Helps tremendously with emotional regulation, social functioning and positively handling “big feelings.”

With 40 emotion situation cards, 5 key starting feelings, and tailored scripts, this card deck scaffolds confident emotion identification from the ground up!

Make recognizing and communicating emotions a simple, engaging process for kids who benefit from visual aids. Grab this card set today!

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