Never seen Emotional Flashcards that break down emotions for children with autism!


At the request of a struggling mother, I made some emotional flashcards – something I have had an idea to do for ages but never had the push to make – until now!

These were fun to draft as I had them planned out in my mind a while ago and as I previously planned out in my head – basing them off the wheel of emotions which during my younger years I found very useful to use (see below)

Really get down to the nitty-gritty emotions, easily

These will be based on the basic emotions, Happy, Angry, Sad, Loving, Scared, and then in other pages there will be the breakdown of emotion into needs – as you can see with the lighter colours here.

For example, There are 48 double-sided cards total – all going well.

The idea will be the kid will pick one of the main cards: happy, sad, angry, scared, or loving;

The adult picks the coloured cards that go with it which include 6 breakdowns of that feeling.

The child then picks the breakdown card that better suits how they are feeling.

On the reverse side is an easy script that can be read to them if they pick “angry” then the pic with thumbs down which is “fed up” and turning it over it reads on the back “I will try again later” which can read to them and hopefully they will be able to eventually script themselves when they feeling that way.

This is something I have actually wanted to do for ages now but never actually put together! Getting this together is awesome and I think it will be a fantastic resource for some families whose children struggle with emotions.

These will begin as a PDF to print however I am looking to get them printed into a deck – however finding such services is not my forte so it won’t be something for immediate release as a deck!

Big things, done easily

Going forward, I plan to add these to my website so they are available for immediate download!


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