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Discover the essential skills necessary for empowering children with autism to cultivate friendships and develop lasting relationships through our comprehensive social story, Friendship. This invaluable resource supports children in their social development journey, promoting empathy, understanding, and effective communication.
Navigating the world of friendships can be challenging for children with autism, but with the right tools, they can build meaningful connections and enhance their social interactions. Friendship covers critical topics such as:
  • Starting conversations: Children will learn how to initiate interactions with their peers and engage in social exchanges.
  • Sharing and taking turns: This section focuses on developing the ability to balance give-and-take in social interactions, fostering fairness and mutual respect.
  • Expressing emotions: Recognizing and effectively communicating feelings plays a vital role in forming strong relationships. This part of the book will help children understand and express their emotions.
  • Resolving conflicts: Inevitably, disagreements will arise in friendships. This section equips children with strategies for managing and overcoming conflicts to strengthen their relationships by sharing problem solving skills they can practice in every day life.
With Friendship as their guide, children will establish a solid foundation for lasting relationships, replacing uncertainty with confidence and camaraderie. By nurturing empathy and fostering communication, children with autism can embrace a future filled with meaningful connections and feel empowered to create and maintain friendships, empowering autism social skills.
Our step-by-step approach in Friendship ensures that children receive the support and guidance they need to develop essential social skills. As they grow in their understanding of empathy, communication, and conflict resolution, they will become more adept at navigating social situations and forming connections that enrich their lives. This comprehensive resource is a must-have for any child with autism seeking to improve their social development and build lasting relationships.

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