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Focus: Repairing friendships the right way

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When a child lashes out and then feels immediate remorse yet lacks the skills to reconcile harm done, both parties stay wounded. But apology behaviors can be taught! “Saying Sorry” emotionally equips children to repair regrettable incidents through lighthearted modeling of remedy tactics like hugging the upset friend or doing something thoughtful. This relatable social story makes practicing saying sorry feel safe as kids gain confidence in owning and resolving mistakes. Guide a struggling child toward self-forgiveness today with this vital social-emotional tool. Instilling forgiveness restores spirits faster so kids can get back to laughing and learning together.

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At ASD Books, our mission is to provide individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and professionals with the information and resources they need to better understand and support their children and students on the spectrum. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable resources and building a supportive community around these families.

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