Separated Families


Focus: The child will understand that separation is not their fault and that all families look different

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When parents separate, children often internalize blame amid confusing whirlwinds of change. This validating story acknowledges tumbling emotions like loss, fear, or abandonment head-on while soothing worries budding hearts carry. With wisdom and kindness, it reassures transitions happen for adult reasons beyond kids’ control. Through diverse illustrations of harmoniously blended homes, the story broadens definitions of the family as it models open, compassionate communication. Vulnerable childhoods deserve extra gentleness – this practical resource delivers developmentally thoughtful support navigating a challenging crossing into revised family dynamics unfolding with just as much love.

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At ASD Books, our mission is to provide individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and professionals with the information and resources they need to better understand and support their children and students on the spectrum. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable resources and building a supportive community around these families.

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