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MANAGE: Meltdowns & Anxiety in daily life!

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Special Offer: Exclusive Half-Price Bundle for Emotional Intelligence and Daily Structure Tools
Enhance emotional awareness and establish daily structure with our exclusive half-price bundle, designed specifically for children with autism, ADHD, or developmental delays. This powerful combination of resources includes Emotional Awareness Flashcards and a Customizable Visual Calendar, providing essential tools to support emotional intelligence, social functioning, and overall well-being.
Emotional Awareness Flashcards
  • Visual card set featuring relatable pictures and scripting examples to help children recognize and express complex emotions
  • Engaging illustrations effectively convey intricate feelings like jealousy or curiosity
  • Simple “go-to” phrases model appropriate ways to verbalize emotions
  • Ideal for pre-schoolers, toddlers, or any child who struggles with verbalizing their emotions
Customizable Visual Calendar
  • Manage anxiety and meltdowns by outlining daily activities and routines
  • Predictable “first, next, last” structure fosters a sense of control and stability
  • Personalize with drawings, cutouts, and pictures to accommodate unique sensory sensitivities
  • Adaptable and durable design grows with your child’s needs and preferences
Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your child with these valuable resources at an exclusive half-price offer. Invest in their emotional well-being and daily success today!

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