Genesis Book Bundle 5 : chapters 38-45


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Genesis Chapters 38-45: A Child-Friendly Journey for Young Readers and Special Needs
Continue your exploration of the Genesis story with this delightful and simplified adaptation of chapters 38-45, designed for young children and special needs kids. Discover the captivating tales of Judah, Tamar, Joseph in Egypt, and more through easy-to-understand language and charming illustrations.
Key Points:
  • Special needs-friendly: Adapted with care to cater to the unique learning needs of children with special needs.
  • Child-focused approach: Engaging storytelling that captures the imagination of young readers, using child-friendly language and concepts.
  • Age-appropriate content: Sensitively reworded to maintain the essence of the original stories while omitting gory details or adult themes.
  • Visual learning: Simple, easy-to-understand illustrations bring each story to life, making it fun and accessible for children to understand.
  • Inclusive learning: Encourages a love for the Bible and its stories in children of all abilities.
  • Easy navigation: Each page includes referencing numbers to help children easily follow along and engage with the stories.




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